Simcoe County Case Files van parked near the old Brookdale. WOW!

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I found out that the Simcoe County Case Files van was parked at the fire hall on Dunlop St today, right across the street from Sticky Fingers. What a coincidence, or is it? Remember the old Brookdale Park Inn? Now it is “Sticky Fingers”. I think it was even a Chinese buffet at one point. The Brookdale was the place to be in the late 80’s early 90’s in Barrie.

I remember Grant worked at the Brookdale as a DJ around 1990 or so. He worked in several bars, DJ’ing in Barrie. He even did drywall work. There was a rumor that he did drywall work at “The Roxx” and he wrote his name on the wall before it was plastered over. When they did renovations, around 2000, and broke off the old plaster, his name was still there.

He will never leave our memories, he is still with us, at least in spirit.



Back in the day:

Brookdale Old Pic

Someone from back in the day must remember something, know something? If you do please do something about it!!!!!!  Enough is enough! The Brookdale was a fun place but there was a lot of shit going on. Barrie was a pretty small town in those days, everyone knew everyone. We were not all angels, but whatever happened to Grant, he didn’t deserve it. Somebody knows something!!!!

2 thoughts on “Simcoe County Case Files van parked near the old Brookdale. WOW!”

  1. I didn’t think the Brookdale was even open at this time. I had no idea Grant ever did DJ at the Brookdale. He did however write his name at “The Roxy ” when it was a teen dancehall. Last I heard he was DJing at Crossovers. I could be wrong though!


    1. I think he did DJ at Crossovers too, but he definitely DJ’d at the Brookdale and it was still the Brookdale in 1991. He also DJ’d at the Dard in Wasaga Beach. Were you friends with Grant?


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