What happened to my friend??????

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We were Army brats. As any of you other army brats know, you move around a lot and it is hard to keep friends. Well, Grant Ayerst was my friend. Our Dad’s were stationed together in the Canadian Armed Forces and we quickly became friends as teenagers. Then i had to leave with my family, but Grant and i always stayed in touch until suddenly i didn’t hear from him anymore. I always wondered why and then word got around that maybe something bad happened.  I never heard from him again. This is going back many years.  Mr and Mrs Ayerst were always so nice, i can only imagine the pain they have suffered for all of these years.  They were always so nice to me.

I hate to admit it but, the memory became a distant one, until i heard the police are still trying to solve this mystery. I can’t believe they haven’t solved this yet!

I found out, today that the police are still trying to solve this case.  I think they need help, it has been 25 years and they still haven’t found Grant or his friend, Norman,  or know what happened to them.

I started this blog hoping that someone might know something and will share it.  I feel so terrible for Grant’s parents. I didn’t know Norman but i am sure his family and friends are suffering as well.  I don’t mean to take away from the families of Cindy Halliday or April Dobson with this blog.  Please if anybody knows anything about these cases please help and come forward.  It is just that Grant going missing, like he did, is very personal.

I have started this blog to bring attention to the fact that something bad happened to Grant Ayerst and his friend Norman Whalley.

Please don’t let them or, what happened to them, be forgotten.

If anyone knows anything do something about it. Comment here or go to the police and tell them, they need your help and so does Mr and Mrs Ayerst and Norman’s family.

Ayerst Whalley

11 thoughts on “What happened to my friend??????”

  1. Wow… whoever you are I’m glad you started this.

    Truth though, the cops ain’t going to do nothing. They haven’t done nothing in 25 years why would they do something now?

    Best of luck


    1. Thanks Calvin. Well, yes its been 25 years but at least it looks like they are doing something about it now. They must have some sort of new information to go to all of this effort.


  2. So sad for the families. So many of these things go unsolved. Im happy to see that they are making an effort at least.


  3. Yeah sorry to say but I don’t see this thing ever being solved. It’s been too long since they’ve all went missing. The people that did this are living pretty and haven’t been caught yet. Goodluck regardless.


  4. I heard someone talk about it at the coffee shop……I went to get a tea and they were gone. I wanted to tell them about this blog so they can write a message if they didn’t want to go to the cops! Get this blog out – I believe in social media and KARMA!!!!!!!!!


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